CT Miss Shute

Sorry for the delay – exam papers will be with Miss Lee on Monday

the exam paper and mark scheme can be found on the OCR website – this is the specimin paper – please look at answers carefully and make sure you are right or understand why you didn’t get the marks – make sure all answers are specific and relate directly to the text

if you need help come and see me or email msh@chiswick@hounslow.sch.uk

yr 10 Miss Shute

No homework set

Second set: must complete remaining coursework

8Ke Miss Shute

Explain the 3 events you think were most significant in Moses’ life

Due Friday

Year 10 Mrs Blackman – Animoto

Hi all,

sorry, there were problems with the password for this site – all seems to be sorted now. Instead of a code all you need to do is log in with the following information: [email protected] and the password 944d01 – there seems to a problem with the site, because it is not always possible to log in first time – I don’t know why.

Mrs Blackman

Yr 11 Miss Shute

Revise all ethics sections for next week

 any practice questions will be marked asap

Yr 13 Ethics Miss Shute

Complete the abortion question

Revise Kant and learn 10 biblical quotes

CT Miss Shute

Complete the mulitpul choice paper – must be ready for next lesson

Yr 13 Philosophy

Complete the chapter and notes provided to day and bring them to the next lesson

Also, finish your draft of the synoptic paper and bring that to the next lesson also

Yr 12 RS – Buddhism

Using the websites provided, research the Sangha in the UK today – needs to be handed in on Friday

Yr 10 College Group

Homework – research the work of a hospice. What do they do, why do they do it and how do they raise the money to do it

Animoto site for yr 10

Hi my yr 10s

For some reason the login fails – I will try to sort it out over the next day or so. You might need to leave the homework until Sunday!!

go to www.animoto.com and then when you log in you need to use the user name [email protected] and the password 1chiswick instead of emailing it to the email address I gave you in class have the site send it to [email protected]

I’m looking forward to seeing them

Mrs Blackman

10y4 and 10×2 Miss Shute

Redo at least one part of your yr 10 exam.

Wealth and Poverty:

Describe Christian teachings about poverty (8)

Explain how Christians can help the poor (7)

‘A job is a job it doesnt matter how you earn your money’ Do you agree? (5)

Medical Ethics:

Describe Christian teachings about abortion (8)

Explain how a Christian would advise someone who wanted to commit sucide (7)

‘God and only God can take away life’ Do you agree? (5)

Nature of God

Describe how Christians describe God (8)

How do miracles strengthen a Christians faith (7)

‘It does not matter whether God exists or not’ Do you agree (5)

8Fi Miss Shute

No lesson homework set

If you haven’t finished your assessment it must be given to me tommorrow

Those not in the lesson  before the holiday must get work to me by Thursday

9Gr Miss Shute

Complete the lesson question:

‘If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?’

Due next lesson after SAT’s

8Ke Miss Shute

None set – unless you still have work to do on your assessment in which case that must be completed and handed to me before THURSDAY

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